Changes here, changes there, changes changes everywhere…

This is the first time I’ve written a blog post in quite a while, and quite a bit has changed since then. The most major change is geographical- meaning we relocated from Mississippi to Missouri and I LOVE IT. This city is amazing; amazingly different than what this country girl is used to, but it fits. 🙂 There is no lacking in things to do from watching the little one play in the park (one of many) to viewing the Rembrandt exhibit currently happening at the art museum to going downtown and enjoying a couple drinks in an great atmosphere.  A not so major change, or maybe it is a major change, is we (hubs and I) have adopted a Keto (diet) lifestyle.This is a major shift in not only our eating habits but our daily habits as well. I’ll probably share my progress with you- and maybe hubby’s if he is willing. I’ll also most likely share some of my favorite recipes and things I’ve learned along the way.

For now, this is officially the first post on my renewed blog- a blog that has undergone a couple makeovers over the years. But that’s a conversation for later. Right now, I’m off to whip up some keto friendly chicken salad!

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