Menu Plan: THM Week 7

I have found the THM lifestyle getting easier as the weeks pass. And… I am LOVING it. Loving it I say. This is the hardest yet easiest not-diet I have ever done! Yes I said hardest- but not because it’s actually hard. Hardest because I am having to “un-learn” everything that has been pounded into […]

Menu Plan: THM Week 6

Wow week five was fabulous! I didn’t stick to the menu, though the changes used the same ingredients. I discovered a dish that I just HAD to try and am so glad I did because the hubby l-o-v-e-d it. AND, it’s on this week’s menu as well 😉 This week is a little different in […]

Menu Plan: THM Week 5

I have to admit- I have not been 100% on plan. I had a week of vacation that was around 80% on plan. I kept breakfast on plan, snacks on plan (though I didn’t snack much), and most dinners on plan. I did eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant and that was so off plan […]