Menu Plan: THM Week 7

I have found the THM lifestyle getting easier as the weeks pass. And… I am LOVING it. Loving it I say. This is the hardest yet easiest not-diet I have ever done! Yes I said hardest- but not because it’s actually hard. Hardest because I am having to “un-learn” everything that has been pounded into my brain for the last three+ decades. Yet it’s the easiest, because there is no more counting! I am not stuck on the merry-go-round of adding and subtracting and worrying about every little carb that goes into my body. (I was previously Keto) I’m not counting calories or macros or ANYTHING. I am simply enjoying food which is so much fun because I happen to love food! ­čśë I still enjoy almost all the same things I did pre-THM, including cookies, cakes, and most of all CHOCOLATE. I am even expanding my palate by trying new foods and learning too cook things I’ve never tried before. Wonderful learning curves! <3

Hubby is enjoying the THM lifestyle too, especially since he learned this past week that his favorite, LASAGNA, can be THMified ­čÖé We are slowly working the kiddo into it- natural peanut butter, sprouted bread, more fruits, brown rice, and the latest… scrambled egg whites. Being that he is a growing little weed, we are sure to incorporate healthy carbs and more XOs for him. He is a very picky eater with food sensory issues so any progress is great progress and we are slowly getting there!

One of the hardest things for all of us has been giving up soft drinks. We switched to diet when I went Keto, however even diet drinks are not on plan for THM and since they are all sweetened with aspartame we’ve been trying new cleaner drinks. The two we’ve found that we like best, so far, are Zevia Cream Soda and Zevia Black Cherry. Soooooo good! I have a Zevia Ginger Root Beer to try today, fingers crossed!

This week’s menu: our dinner menu is from the THM cookbook again this week. We are finding our favorites are becoming regular staples!

E breakfast: Egg white scramble with 2 pieces sprouted toast and 1 tbs grape Polander’s (my new favorite breakfast!)
S breakfast: 2 Hard-boiled eggs with 1 SargentoÔÇÖs sharp cheddar cheese stick
S breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs with grilled veggies and 2 pieces of crispy baked bacon
S-Helper breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs, 1 piece of sprouted toast with LC Swiss spread, and grilled veggies

E lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich on sprouted Life bread with LC White Cheddar, spicy brown mustard, romaine lettuce and baby spinach
E lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich on sprouted Life bread with LC Swiss French Onion, spicy brown mustard, romaine lettuce and baby spinach
E lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich on sprouted Life bread with LC Mozzarella Sun-dried Tomato and Basil, spicy brown mustard, romaine lettuce and baby spinach

S dinner: Spaghetti Squash Casserole p. 138
S dinner: Salisbury Steak p. 174 with Jicama Mash and Green Beans
S dinner: Creamy Herb Chicken p. 165 over Dreamfields Rotini
S dinner: Faketater Tot Casserole, p. 147
S dinner: Perfect Pizza, p. 211 (sugar free sauce, mozzarella, veggies, beef, bacon crumbles, and pepperoni slices)
S dinner: Cheeseburger Pie, p. 149

FP snack: Salted Caramel 000
E snack: Banana Cream 000 with 1 baby banana
E snack: Rainier Cherries (yummmmmm!)

Happy THMing!

Menu Plan: THM Week 5

I have to admit- I have not been 100% on plan. I had a week of vacation that was around 80% on plan. I kept breakfast on plan, snacks on plan (though I didn’t snack much), and most dinners on plan. I did eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant and that was so off plan you’d have thought I’d never heard of THM. I also drank way too many diet sodas the entire time (Diet Dr Pepper Cherry is a major weakness). I noticed, I think from the diet sodas, that I had swelling going on after a couple days- so much so that I couldn’t wear my wedding bands. O_O The week after vacation was basically an entire week of “wing it” meals that included one night of brown rice followed by two nights of Dreamfield’s because I was too lazy to prep and didn’t menu plan during vacation. (Note to self: next time, plan a few weeks in advance and shopping will be a breeze)

Those 2 weeks did cause a stall which I expected, but I am happy to say that I have still had an 8 pound loss for my first four weeks on THM! *HAPPY DANCE* I know it could have been more if I had stayed on plan the entire time, but that is the beauty of this lifestyle- grace to forgive yourself and three-hour resets! Plus that is an average of 2 pounds per week which isn’t bad considering all of the above. The way see it, at the rate of 2 pounds per week, I could potentially lose 40 more pounds by Christmas! Now is that motivation or what?

So week 5 is upon me and it’s time for the menu plan. Again, no specific days for this menu plan- only meals to choose from. I am including breakfast, lunch, and snack choices as well.

My Menu Plan: THM Week 5

S breakfast: Cheddar Herb Biscuit (p.197 THM Cookbook) with 2 whole eggs
S breakfast: Cheddar Herb Biscuit (w/o the cheddar) with egg and cheese to make a breakfast sandwich

E lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich on sprouted Life bread with LC White Cheddar, brown mustard, lots of lettuce and baby spinach
E lunch: Rotisserie chicken salad (made with 1 tsp mayo) on sprouted Life bread, green bell pepper, red onion, lots of lettuce and baby spinach

S dinner: Grilled Greek Chicken with Caulirice and Green Beans
S dinner: Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti Squash
S dinner: Hamburger, Sausage, Broccoli Alfredo
S dinner: Taco Casserole with Sliced Avacado
S dinner: Lasagna in a Bowl with Ceasar side salad
*Note- I am only planning 5 dinner meals because we usually eat out one night per week and have a weekend ‘wing it’ or back yard grill day. For eating out and wing it day, we opt for bunless burgers, on plan salads, or anything that is on plan and tickles our fancy ­čśë

E snack: Salted Caramel 000 with 1 sliced apple
E snack: Banana Cream 000 with 1 sliced banana
FP snack: Chocolate Cuffin
FP snack:- Cinnamon Spice Cuffin
FP snack: Vanilla 000

With this menu, my day will look like this:
Breakfast- S Meal
Mid morning snack- E Snack
Lunch- E meal
Mid afternoon snack- FP Snack
Dinner- S Meal

I prefer the S meals for dinner because I have found that they tend to keep me satisfied without the need of an after dinner snack. I don’t like eating past 8 PM so it works for my whole family. E lunches have worked for me as I have less tendency to want an afternoon nap ­čśë Also, with my breakfast usually happening around 7:30-8 AM, an E snack at around 10:30-11 AM and then E lunch at around 12-1 PM fits within my work schedule without mixing fuels. Since I don’t have a set break/lunch schedule and fit it in based on what I am doing, this works really well for keeping me on plan and preventing accidental crossovers.

That’s it for week 5. Time to make that shopping list now. Happy THMing! <3

THM Week 1: Results

The planning paid off. Although I didn’t start on the day originally planned because I couldn’t force myself to hit the grocery store (in my defense, I despise shopping!), I felt guilty and decided to just do it. So on Tuesday, I went 100% THM and I am so happy I did! It was so easy I couldn’t believe it!

Our menu ended up like this:

Tuesday- Chicken Philly Cheesesteak Bowl, THM-S
Hubby and I both enjoyed this. His was wrapped in a low-carb tortilla. Mine was in a bowl. We both agreed that there was something “missing” though. I’ll be toying with this one to get it “just right” while keeping it an S meal.

Wednesday- Bacon Chicken Ceasar Casserole, THM-S
This was UH-MAAAY-ZING! So much so that I had leftovers for lunch on Thursday and Friday. Even better the second and third go around! NOTHING to change on this one, at all. We loved it just the way it is!

Thursday- Beef Stroganoff, THM-E
Can I say how incredibly happy I was to be eating rice? This was okay. In the recipe’s defense, I did NOT use the mushroom portion because hubby and I both dislike mushrooms. We decided that we will try it again, and on second go around I will make the mushroom portion but will “puree” the shrooms so that we can stomach them. I’ve made recipes before THM using cream of mushroom soup with the tiny chunks picked out. I think the pureeing option will work for us and probably add back the bit of flavor that was missing.

Friday- Sour Cream Beef Echhiladas, THM-S
We both loved these! Loved them! I skipped the jalapenos and cilantro (we both dislike cilantro) so I think we missed out on a bit of flavor. I’ll be making them again with jalapenos for a bit of heat and flavor that I think will make all the difference.

Now onto my breakfasts, lunches and snacks! ­čÖé

I am an avid lover of these amazing little organic protein packs with oven-baked chicken breast, white cheddar and dark chocolate covered almonds. 14g of fat and 8g of carbs, but I figure by leaving off the almonds the carbs and sugar drop to acceptable amounts. These little packs are great because they are a super convenient snack and very tasty! And my kiddo loves the almonds ­čÖé In addition to my protein snack, I found that I really like Vanilla flavored Oikos Triple 0. So much so that I had one for breakfast one morning! Two hard-boiled eggs served me well every other morning. Lunch was left-overs from the night before (or 2 nights before as in the case of the Chicken Ceasar!), roughly 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup serving.

I found that spreading my  meals and snacks over the course of the day, 3-3.5 hours apart kept me eating small portions and completely satisfied ALL day!  THIS is absolutely amazing all by itself!

I haven’t had a single Diet Dr Pepper Cherry since Monday, and I’m completely okay with that. I bought some bottle water and other than one cup of coffee each morning, have had 2-3 bottles each day. I figured out that if I buy bottles rather than keeping a reusable water bottle, I actually DRINK the water. It’s a mind trick I’m sure but for me, it works.

I have been so happy with the past 4 days that I couldn’t stop myself from stepping on the scale this morning. Much to my surprise, I saw a 3 pound drop! I honestly wasn’t expecting a change at all but couldn’t resist. My happiness skyrocketed needless to say! For the first time in I don’t know how many months, I KNOW this lifestyle will work for me!

I am now a THM for life!