THM Week 1: Results

The planning paid off. Although I didn’t start on the day originally planned because I couldn’t force myself to hit the grocery store (in my defense, I despise shopping!), I felt guilty and decided to just do it. So on Tuesday, I went 100% THM and I am so happy I did! It was so easy I couldn’t believe it!

Our menu ended up like this:

Tuesday- Chicken Philly Cheesesteak Bowl, THM-S
Hubby and I both enjoyed this. His was wrapped in a low-carb tortilla. Mine was in a bowl. We both agreed that there was something “missing” though. I’ll be toying with this one to get it “just right” while keeping it an S meal.

Wednesday- Bacon Chicken Ceasar Casserole, THM-S
This was UH-MAAAY-ZING! So much so that I had leftovers for lunch on Thursday and Friday. Even better the second and third go around! NOTHING to change on this one, at all. We loved it just the way it is!

Thursday- Beef Stroganoff, THM-E
Can I say how incredibly happy I was to be eating rice? This was okay. In the recipe’s defense, I did NOT use the mushroom portion because hubby and I both dislike mushrooms. We decided that we will try it again, and on second go around I will make the mushroom portion but will “puree” the shrooms so that we can stomach them. I’ve made recipes before THM using cream of mushroom soup with the tiny chunks picked out. I think the pureeing option will work for us and probably add back the bit of flavor that was missing.

Friday- Sour Cream Beef Echhiladas, THM-S
We both loved these! Loved them! I skipped the jalapenos and cilantro (we both dislike cilantro) so I think we missed out on a bit of flavor. I’ll be making them again with jalapenos for a bit of heat and flavor that I think will make all the difference.

Now onto my breakfasts, lunches and snacks! 🙂

I am an avid lover of these amazing little organic protein packs with oven-baked chicken breast, white cheddar and dark chocolate covered almonds. 14g of fat and 8g of carbs, but I figure by leaving off the almonds the carbs and sugar drop to acceptable amounts. These little packs are great because they are a super convenient snack and very tasty! And my kiddo loves the almonds 🙂 In addition to my protein snack, I found that I really like Vanilla flavored Oikos Triple 0. So much so that I had one for breakfast one morning! Two hard-boiled eggs served me well every other morning. Lunch was left-overs from the night before (or 2 nights before as in the case of the Chicken Ceasar!), roughly 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup serving.

I found that spreading my  meals and snacks over the course of the day, 3-3.5 hours apart kept me eating small portions and completely satisfied ALL day!  THIS is absolutely amazing all by itself!

I haven’t had a single Diet Dr Pepper Cherry since Monday, and I’m completely okay with that. I bought some bottle water and other than one cup of coffee each morning, have had 2-3 bottles each day. I figured out that if I buy bottles rather than keeping a reusable water bottle, I actually DRINK the water. It’s a mind trick I’m sure but for me, it works.

I have been so happy with the past 4 days that I couldn’t stop myself from stepping on the scale this morning. Much to my surprise, I saw a 3 pound drop! I honestly wasn’t expecting a change at all but couldn’t resist. My happiness skyrocketed needless to say! For the first time in I don’t know how many months, I KNOW this lifestyle will work for me!

I am now a THM for life!

Menu Plan: THM Week 1

Menu planning is not my strong suit. In fact, I seem to have a hard time actually planning and sticking to it week after week. I’ll start off strong, then fall off for several weeks. One thing that will help me with menu planning is time management- yet another area where I fall short. I’m definitely a work in progress. Ha ha

So menu planning and time management (so I can plan)- my goals for the next 6 months.

I am not planning for specific days, I’m planning the number of meals needed for a full week and will decide what meal for each day as we go. A little spontaneity makes me happy! I’m only planning dinner meals because the left-overs (and there are always left-overs) will serve as lunch for the following day for both hubby and myself. Saving time and money- a double win! Also, I am not including breakfast or snacks because those will basically be the same every day (eggs, protein packs, meat/cheese snacks, etc).

My Menu Plan: THM Week 1
Dinner 1: S- Bacon Chicken Caesar Casserole
Dinner 2: E- Chicken & Brown Rice Soup
Dinner 3: S- Sour Cream Beef Enchiladas
Dinner 4: E- Spanish Chicken & Rice
Dinner 5: S- Chicken Philly Cheese Steak Bowl
Dinner 6: E- Beef Stroganoff
Dinner 7: S- White Lasagna

Week one at my fingertips! Now it’s time to go shopping.


A Sobering Realization- It’s THM Time

I am a huge fan, even if a late bloomer, of a few comic tv series. The one that is my most favorite- the one I cannot miss no matter what; the one that sparked my newfound addiction to comic television shows- is ARROW which is, of course, a tv show about the famous DC character Green Arrow. This newfound addiction has of course led to major fandom of Olive Queen a.k.a Green Arrow played by the incredible Stephen Amell.

Now I will admit that I have not been watching Arrow since it first aired. In fact, I marathon watched the first 3 seasons in about a one week period; and haven’t missed an episode since. Not since Charmed have I been this addicted (for lack of a better term) to a tv show and its characters.

In a profound moment of utter joy and absolute star-struck child-like giddiness, I was able to meet my tv show hero, Stephen Amell- the Green Arrow. I, along with my hubby and kiddo, attended our very first comicon yesterday for the sole purpose of getting to see this acting genius in all his real-life glory. It was a very brief but exciting moment and one that I will remember for years to come thanks to having captured it in photo form.

This amazing moment of my adult life will go down as one of the more notable ones in my book of memories, and also as one of the most sobering and gut punching reality checks. Upon receiving our amazing “family” photo with Stephen, my mind suddenly went negative. My first comment and only comment was “well this would be a great picture if I wasn’t in it.” After seeing myself and the shock of reality, I couldn’t get out of that convention center fast enough.

Talk about wake up call. I look like a cow. Those were the words I used when describing this moment to my friend.

It is true that in the past 5 years I have gained, at least, 60 pounds. I say at least because I haven’t been on a scale since Jan 1. My weight has ballooned out of control and I have done nothing to stop it. I have yo-yo’d at best for about a year, or so. Lose a few, gain a few more. I have procrastinated and blinded myself to the reality of just how out of hand it has gotten.

I am saddened by the fact that I can’t be happier about a once in a lifetime moment because I can’t get past the size of my body. I just met someone of whom I am a huge fan (dare I say a celebrity crush)- face to face. And all I can think about is how fat I am. This, my friends, is a sign that it is time to jump in head first and live- really live! It’s time to take my health into my own hands; to get control over it once and for all, and to look back on memories with joy and happiness not sadness and body shame.

I have the tools I need, now I’m going to put them to use. Today I am getting ready to step into the Trim Healthy Mama life permanently. No looking back. I will set no “deadlines.” I will not push myself to hit a number goal by a calendar day. I will just focus on one day at a time; one healthy meal at a time. No matter how long it takes, I will embrace this journey and remind myself that I will reach that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in my own time. No pressure. No unrealistic expectations. No more failure. Only success.

Here’s to a new healthy life! And to one day getting a chance at another photo with my comic hero, without any negative thoughts!

P.S: the photo was taken by Epic Photos and is a quality print. I took a picture of the picture in order to share it in this post.

P.S.S: I really do have a huge fan-crush on Oliver Queen; who wouldn’t? He is incredibly coooool and pretty darn sexy too 😉

P.S.S.S: I was more giddy meeting Stephen Amell than when I met Roman Reigns. How is that even possible? 

P.S.S.S.S: I promise this is the last one. If you don’t know what THM is, I highly suggest you check out Trim Healthy Mama. There is a whole amazing life-changing network available to you. And if you’re anything like me, you need all the support you can get!